How To Take Screenshot In Chromebook with Pictures

Take a screenshot in Chromebook, today in this post I teach you how can you take easily screenshot in your Chromebook. Sometimes it is very easy if you know about it and if you are first time user then maybe you don’t know how to take screenshot in Chromebook. Android and Windows devices have easy to take screenshots just by pressing and holding power button+volume down key and in Windows by pressing the ‘prt sc’ key button.

Chromebook has also the same process to take screenshot as an Android. If you are a user of Chromebook then the maximum Chromebook comes with keyboard and mouse like other windows and mac laptops. But in Chromebook have google os that is known as chrome os. And it also has the same feature to take a screenshot by pressing the power button + volume down button as an Android mobile. So if want to know all process to take screenshot to keep reading this post. I tell you man ways to take screenshot in your Chromebook device.

Process to take screenshot in Chromebook?

  • To take screenshot in any Chromebook just click and hold Ctrl + switch window key for the entire screen.
screenshot in chromebook

If you don’t want to capture the whole screen but some particular screen then click and hold Ctrl + shift + switch window key and by using cursor select that screen space that you want to capture.

screenshot of chromebook

If you are using an external keyboard to take screenshot on Chromebook then you have to use keys Ctrl + F5 and to take screenshot of some particular screen space then press and hold ctrl + shift + F5 button respectively.

Take screenshot on Chromebook Acer

So if you are Acer Chromebook user then nothing changed in it. You can use the same method to take a screenshot in your Acer Chromebook.

  • To take an entire screenshot just click and hold Ctrl + switch window key. And if you are using the latest chrome software then you can also take screenshot by pressing the power + volume down button like smartphones.

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How to take screenshot in Samsung Chromebook?

If you are using Samsung Chromebook then don’t worry about taking a screenshot. Samsung also works the same method that I tell you above. But Samsung also gives a pen for the touchscreen so on the right bottom side have extra options. When you click on pen button here several options are available and one of them is the capture screen option.


Final words

In this post, we will get information about how can you take screenshot in your Chromebook. Sometimes peoples are confused about how can they take screenshot on other brands like Samsung and Acer Chromebook. But in this post, I tell you about how can you take screenshot in general Chromebooks and also tell you about take screenshot in Samsung Chromebook and Acer Chromebook. And if you are facing some problems while taking screenshot on any Chromebook device so you can ask me on the comments I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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