How to fix USB format problem & unreadable problem

How to fix unreadable USB drive problem or format not supported problem

Many times we face problems in our USB drive like format not supported and unreadable device problems. In these cases, We think our USB device has got worse but it is not. If you don’t have technical knowledge then you can’t fix it easily by yourself. But nowadays you have resources like the internet so you can get knowledge from it and fix your USB like problems with yourself. there are lots of blogs and videos who share their knowledge with the world, so it helps you.

So if you want to know the process and save your money and USB device then keep reading it.

The process to fix format problem, unreadable problem and not supported USB problem?

  • First, you have to go to the search and find cmd and Run it.
  • Now command section is opened and here you write first command is ‘Diskpart’ and hit the enter button.
  • Now new window popup. After that write here ‘list disk’ and press enter. As shown in the image.
list disk
  • After that, it shows to select the disk that is connected to your computer or laptop.
  • Now you can see all ‘disk drives’ as shown in the image.
fix corrupted usb
  • After that, now select your USB disk. See in the image here the image which has low space that is the USB drive.
disk 2
  • Now select it by typing command ‘select disk 2’ as shown in the image.
  • Now your disk is selected which is denoted by ‘*Disk 2’ like shown in the image.
fix corrupted usb
  • After that type of command, ‘clean’ and press enter.
  • After cleaning is succeeded. Type command ‘create partition primary’ and press enter.
fix corrupted usb
  • After succeeded, type command ‘select partition 1’ and press enter.
fix corrupted usb
  • After that now type the command ‘format fs=ntfs quick’ and press enter.
  • After the 100% process done. The next command is type ‘active’ and press again last time to enter.

Now Type assign letter=x. that means your drive name is x. you can choose any name x,y,z, etc.

fix corrupted usb

After the doing whole process, your USB disk is ready to use.


Make sure that command you are typing is correct if you miss and spelling or did some other mistake while processing, then the command does not work it. So do it correctly and accurately.

The second process is the fix USB by some professional software.

Now in the market lots of software are present. But the Hp USB format tool ios really work great for me. By using it I cannot type any single code. Just I will install it and fix my USB problem easily.

So maybe in your mind comes the first question is how is it work and where to I can download it. So you don’t worry about it I will provide you download link here. So just click on it and download this software it is a 100% free software.

Now how to use it.
  • Fist after downloading it you have to install it.
  • After installing find shortcut button on the desktop and double click on it and run it.
  • Now you can select USB drive file system.
  • After selecting it, now select file type system FAT or NTFS which you want. But in my recommendation, you can select NTFS format.
  • Now select the button quick format and enable compression by clicking on them.
  • After that click on the start button. After clicking on it one message pop up that is ‘you will lose your all data’ you can ignore the message and click on ‘YES’ button.
  • Now your formatting is processing and after some time it is formatted.
  • After doing the process you can check your USB drive it is fixed.

Final words

In this post, I teach you, how can you fix any type of USB error. But if you fix your USB drive through command then maybe you cannot get your files again even through data recovery software. so before doing it, make a backup if possible.

Many times people’s throw it after some problem comes in the USB device so if in your USB comes to these types problems then try to fix once.

If you like this I information share with your beasties and who need this information.

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