How can I check if is my phone rooted

Phone root, yes, today in this post we know about what is root, how does rooting affect your smartphone, how can you root your mobile phone, and if is my phone rooted so how can I check.

Sometimes you need to root your android device because of some apps and also for new custom ROM install. Sometimes rooting your phone create some serious issues in your phone’s maybe in some conditions your phone does not work well, as working in the past. And after rooting phones, it risky for you. Because rooting your phone give freedom to do anything with your phone and you can change anything in it basically it gives you full access on your phone. So while you are rooting your phone once think about it.

What is Android root?

When you buy a new smartphone so it has some limitations for you. Companies don’t want to give you full control on your phone. So they locked some features and also they do it, because of security issues. If you avoid it and Rooted your phone so the mobile warranty is expired in some cases. And the company does not give any support for the phone. And after rooting your android phone you can do changes in your phone easily.

Best root apps for android

If you want to root your android mobile so you need perfect information about it otherwise in some cases mobile devices are dead while rooting. So read it carefully rooting process through genuine rooting apps.

1. Kingo root

Kingo Root is one of the best apps for android rooting. Through it, you can root your mobile in just one click. Kingo root app is not available in play store but you can download it from This app is working on all android devices which have android 4.4 version and upper android versions. Kingo Root is now available for pc and android both.

Android root process

  • To root android device first download kingo app from its website.
  • Now install it on your mobile device.
  • While installing kingo app you have to enable an unknown source option.
  • After installing kingo app open it.
kingo root
  • If your mobile is not rooted so it shows on the home screen.
  • Click on the button to root mobile
  • Now the process takes some to root your phone
  • After done 100% process your android device is rooted and now you can use it.

2. Farmaroot

Farmaroot is another rooting app for Android devices. Through it, you can root your phone. But it is not working on every android mobile. If this app shows error while you are rooting your android device so quite rooting from it and find some another app.

  • Android rooting process with farmaroot app
  • First, download the farmaroot app and install it on your mobile device.
  • Now open it, after opening now do all process what it says.
  • After properly installing click on root button to root your device.
  • After rooting, it says to reboot your device.
  • After rebooting device popup root message if pop up an error message that means it does not work in your device.
  • If your device is rooted enjoy it.

Some similar apps for easy rooting my phone. If upper two apps do not work on your phone so you should try these apps.

Apps to check your phone rooted or not

If you want to check if your phone is rooted or not so first you have to install app from play store that is called root checker. After installing open this app and see in it. If your phone is rooted then on home screen message popups rotted and if your device is not root, then there are message pop-ups no rooted this device. Below I told you some root checker apps.

mobile rooting process
  • Root checker
  • Root check
  • Supersu

Advantages and disadvantages of rooting

So now first lets we talk about advantages of rooting android phone

  • After rooting you have access to do any type of modification with your phone.
  • After rooting you can uninstall any pre-installed apps from your Mobile.
  • After rooting phone, you can install any type of apps on your phone without any limitations.
  • Sometimes in some phone have stuck android so in it they can access their memory card but they can’t do any modifications in it. Like moving the files memory card to phone storage and delete some data. But after rooting they can do anything with it.
  • After rooting you can install any type of custom ROM in your phone.
  • After rooting you can control your phone on your own conditions.

Disadvantages of rooting android phone

  • After rooting you can lose your phone warranty because all mobile companies don’t give any type of support on rooted phones.
  • While rooting your phone you can also be giving permission to access your files.
  • Sometimes some dangerous apps can harm your phone and take any type of access.
  • Your phone security is on risk.
  • Sometimes while you are rooting your phone then maybe it becomes dead.
  • Some Apps doesn’t work after rooting your phone
  • Hackers can do attacks on rooted phones.
  • Don’t use any type of fund transactions related activity with rooted phone otherwise someone easily steals your card details.
  • No more updates.

Final words

In this post, we know about what is root, and if is your phone rooted so how can you check it. As I said in this post, rooting your phone is risky for you and also harmful for you. If necessary then do root otherwise I did not advise you to do root. But if you are root your phone then don’t do any online payment and money transactions because with rooting phones it is some risk.

So now tell me hows this post and must share this post with your friends and family members so they can know about it. And if some queries related to it please ask me in the comment I will respond to you.

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