Budget Hair Straightener Combo pack In India

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Styling hair is not an easy task you have to need lots of experience and knowledge to style hair. But for special occasions, we go to the saloon to style our hair but for every day it is not possible to go, so you will need your own hair styling products which are easy to use and cheap. So below I mention some best hair Budget Hair Straightener Combo pack that you can use anytime at your home and style your hair according to your mood.

These are the best Hair Straightener Comb product for college going students and for party lovers.

Syska CPF6800 Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener Combo Pack

Technical Details | Buy From Amazon
> Ceramic coated plates for Smooth Hair
> 1000W Power for everyday styling
> Hairdryer with 2-speed settings
> Lightweight compact Design For daily Use
> Hairdryer Design for female

In this combo offer, you will get one hair straightener and one hairdryer. The quality of the product is very good and long-lasting.

The hair straightener easy to use and it can heat up within 60 seconds. you can also control and customize heat settings according to use upto 230 degrees. This straightener shuts itself off when it is overheated and protects you from burning hair. The plates of the straightener is Ceramic coated that protect your hair from damage and gives smooth and shiny hair look.

This syska hair dryer is best for female use and this comes with two modes settings. It can dry your hair very fast.

This product comes with 2 years brand warranty period. so before buying it you don’t have to worry about anything.

FINIVIVA Women’s 2 in 1 Combo Set of Hair Styling Kit with Dryer + Straightener

Technical Details | Buy From Amazon
> Ceramic coated Plates for equal heating
> Hairdryer with hot and cool feature and 2-speed settings
> 2000W Powerful hairdryer for Good results
> warm and Hot heat settings with the dryer
> 30 seconds quick heat up with the straightener

This is the best hair straightener combo in a low budget. The body of the product is made with hard plastic which gives a stunning look. In this hair styling combo, you will get one hair straightener and one hairdryer.

The straightener is made with very good quality and long-lasting. it has Ceramic coated Plates for equal heat distribution and to protect your hair from heat damage. The plates size is enough to cover your hair easily and it has instant heat technology that can heat up within 30 seconds. you can also use it to curly your hair. This straightener always gives your hair a stunning and shiny look.

The is also very good quality and it comes with hot and cool features with 2-speed settings options. In this combo with the hairdryer, you will also get a nozzle for best hair styling.

Vega Miss Versatile Styling Combo Set

Technical Details | Buy From Amazon
> Hair Dryer-1000W Power
> Dryer with Cord guard and hanging loop
> Hair Curler (19mm) To Curley Your Hair
> Hair Straightener with Ceramic Coated Plates For Shiny Hair

This vega hair styling product comes with three combos. one is the hair straightener, one hair dryers, and one hair curler included in it. The body is made with hard plastic, and The design of the product is very attractive and easy to handle while you are using it.

In this hair styling set, the hair straightener quality is very luxurious and easy to use. It has Ceramic Coated Plates, which gives you a smooth and shiny hair look and also protects your hair from heat damages. you can also customize the heat settings according to you And it heats up in just 40 seconds. The hair straightener also has an easy locking system, which means you can easily pack it and store it in a small space.

The hairdryer is also very good quality, and it has two heat settings one for the fast drying and another is the low setting for perfect gentle drying.

The third product is curlier for curly hair look. The curlier has a 19mm diameter and 125 mm long. and it comes with a clamp that will hold your hair while you curling. This curlier gives you shiny curly hair look.

This combo is the best for home use and college going girls And even if you have to get ready early to go to the party, you can still style your hair quickly with the help of it. It comes with 2 years warranty.

Havells HC4045 5 in 1 Hair Styler – Straightener, Curler, Crimper, Conical Curler & Volume Brush for Multiple Styles

Technical Details | Buy From Amazon
> Ceramic coated plates
> One Straightener Plate
> One Crimped Plate
> TwoCurleir For Different Styling
> Only 1 Number of Temperature Settings
> You will get Perfect results with minimal damage to the hair

This hair straightener comes with Five hair styling combinations. with this one combo hair straightener you can straighten your hair, get Crimper hair look, and curly your hair easily. This hair straightener comb helps you get different hair styling look at home.

When you want to straighten your hair just attach straightener with the base, and switch on the power button. it heats up quickly and the higher temperature is 190 degrees. The Ceramic coated plates distribute equal heat, and protect your hair from damage and also give your hair shiny and smooth look.

When you want to Crimped hair look, just attach crimped with the base and start styling your hair. it has Ceramic coated plates that distribute the equal amount of heat in the plate and protect your hair from damage.

This hairstyling kit comes with two types of curlier one is a simple curlier and another is Conical Curler for tight ringlets to loose hairstyle. if you want to simple curlier and bouncy hair look then use simple curlier and if you want to unique curls waves from tight ringlets to loose hairstyle then use Conical Curler.

The last thing comes with is hair brush which you can use to style your hair.

This product is the best fit for college going girls and for an instant hairstyling look. and it also comes with two years warranty period with home service so if anything gets damaged or stop working you can easily change it with a new one.

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