Best Quality Earbuds in India 2020

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Nowadays earbuds are becoming very popular, the reason behind that is, they are wireless and stylish and also perform high. But there are many products and brands available nowadays that claim their wireless earbuds are more comfortable and high-performing with longer battery life. So we thought why not share with you the best earbuds, which are most liked by people and sold best in the market.

Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds True Wireless Earbuds with Mic

Technical Details | Buy From Amazon
> Automatic Pairing
> Bluetooth V5.0
> Water Resistance
> Ture Sound Quality With Bass
> Support Google Assistant and Siri

Boult has made its name in producing Best-quality earphones and earbuds in India. These earbuds have a large selection of components and accessories that will help you get the best sound experience. Its audio is one of the tops in the industry with good bass.

They provided one year warranty from the date of the purchase and awesome customer support to deal with any problems that you might face. Boult earbuds have a classic black magnetic charging case that can charge the earbuds and increase the total battery life up to 18 hours.

These earbuds are faster and stable and provide a seamless transmission with your phone that improves the audio quality and Mic to give you the best sound that you ever hoped. They are perfect for gaming due to their noise cancellation that can help you while playing new games without losing focus.

They are water-resistant and sweat resistant and they provide a one-button control system that you can use to play music, skip to the next track or go back and previous and even answer phone calls. It also connects with Google or Siri to make your life easy and the automatic pairing function saves your time because it connects up as soon as you take it out of the box.

They can easily play up to five and a half hours after every full charge and the case can provide an additional charge that might be helpful for some people.

> Designed with Bluetooth 5.0 inbuilt.
> Offers continuous playback time up to five hours.
> Truly wireless earbuds with noise-canceling enable.
> Wireless range of more than 10 meters.
> The charging time of two hours.
> Waterproof and sweat-resistant.
> One year warranty with a seven day replacement period.
>The case is bulky.

Wings Power Pods True Wireless in-Ear Earbuds

Technical Details | Buy From Amazon
> It comes with Digital battery indicator display.
> Ear pods gives you upto 5 hours deep bass music play time.
> It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 instant parring technology.
> Supports Google and siri assistance.
> Charging case comes with 2500Mah battery which can charge your pods upto 10 times and also it can charge your phone.
> Come with one year warranty.

Wings power pods is the one of premium true wireless ear pod in the market and The design of the products is amazing and features of the product is extra ordinary. if you finding true wireless ear pods with zero latency then noting is better then wing power pods.

Now if I talk about the hardware and features then in it have Bluetooth 5.0 version which gives you strong instant connectivity with zero latency. That’s mean you can play games with it easily, And the stereo calling feature gives you freedom to listen through both buds and also have in built HD mic.

It is also comes with deep bass technology that gives you noise free music listening experience and also it has both side touch sensors controls that’s mean you can manage your calls, music, volume directly through earbuds. And it is also supports google assistant and siri assistant, so through one touch you can also give any instruction to mobile assistant.

The performance of the wing earpads is amazing and it gives you unstoppable music upto 5 hours once it fully charged. and the another good things is the chargining case also comes with 2500 Mah battery means it can also capable to charge your ear pods upto 10 times. But the another great feature is you can also charge your phone with the chagrining case. and it is comes with IPX5 water resistance.

The another great feature of wings ear pods is digital battery display so you can now see the battery percentage easily.

This is the great product for runners, travelers, gamers, music lovers etc.

Now if I talk about its warranty then it comes with one year brand warranty.

> Comes with deep bass sound quality.
> Charging battery display indicator.
> Water resistance.
> Case battery can charge your mobile device also.
> Noting.

BoAt Airdopes 441 TWS EarBuds with IWP Technology

Technical Details | Buy From Amazon
> Comes with Latest Bluetooth V5.0
> Touch Buttons to Control Paly/Pause Music
> Support Google Assistant & Siri
> Instant Pair
> Water Resistance
> Play Time Upto 5 hours

The boat is one of the leaders that create the most excellent quality earphones at an affordable price. They are known for their bass and their good sound. These headphones are made up of plastic however very much effort was put into making them.

They look basic with a matte black finish. It has inbuilt Bluetooth 5.0 and can stay up for five hours if put into the right audio settings. It is available in different five color choices, which are active black, bumblebee yellow, ragging red, spirit lime, and sporty blue with the black being the base in all of the earphones.

The earphones are water-resistant and sweat-resistant that comes with IPX6 certification and can take a lot of water without getting damaged.

The outer part of the earphone is touch-sensitive and it can be used to play songs, answer calls, skip to the next or previous track and invoke the voice assistant.

If your budget is your top priority, boat earphones will give you the best money to the product experience. The experience there crafty acoustics with the light-weighted micro USB charging boat earphones.

> Fast connect with Bluetooth 5.0
> Has an IPX6 water resistance certificate.
> Good touch buttons.
> AAC support for Bluetooth.
> It charges with the help of USB Type-C.
> One year of product warranty.
> Battery life is decent.

JBL Tune 120TWS True Wireless Earbuds

Technical Details | Buy From Amazon
> Bluetooth V5.0
> Jbl Ture Bass Sound
> Quick Pairing technology
> Supports Google Assistant & Siri
> Upto 4 hours Paly time and 12 hours in charging case

JBL provides us with its multiple ranges of headphones, earphones, and earbuds, also speakers that have strong audio quality with good bass and ergonomic design. The earbuds come in black, blue, green, white, pink, and yellow models which are very beautiful to look at with white as its base color.

They have many features like hand free stereo and JBL pure bass to ensure user comfort and services which are carried by JBL stylishly.

It’s fifteen minutes of quick charge gives you an additional one hour of battery time and if you combine the four hours of earbuds charge and the 12 hours of case charge you will get up to sixteen hours of battery life under the optimal conditions.

No wires no hassle is there Moto which completely serves the purpose as it is a cordless JBL earbud with a 5.8 mm driver featuring in it. The earbuds are equipped with handy controls located on each side of the earpiece that can be used to control the audio Beats, pause and play the sound, and receiving calls.

> Four hours of continuous playtime.
> Truly wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
> Hand-free stereo call.
> 15 min of quick charge for one hour play.
> Three sizes of ear tips to choose from.
> JBL pure bass sound.
> It has less battery life.
> It’s sweatproof but not fully waterproof.

CROSSBEATS Urban True Wireless Ear Earbuds

Technical Details | Buy From Amazon
> It is supports Fast Charging.
> It is comes with Passive Noise Cancelling technology.
> Great sound quality with bass effects.
> It is also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 instant pairing technology.
> Chagrining case can charge earbuds up to 3 times plus.
> It is comes with IPX6 water resistance technology.
> Comes with one year warranty.

The design of Crossbeats urban wireless earbuds have great green metallic color finish gives it premium look. If you are finding something like this, then this true wireless earbuds are the great for you.

These earbuds comes with inbuilt touch button sensor and through it you can manage and control your call, music, volume and assistance.

This crossbeat urban comes with Bluetooth 5.0 strong instant auto pairing connectivity with 60ms low latency. That’s mean you can listen music, calls and play games without any interruption. It is also supports google and siri assistance which you can directly control your mobile assistance through your ear buds touch sensor without touching your phone.

The sound quality of crossbeat urban enhanced with audio driver & passive noise cancelling technology means it will deliver you powerful bass effects sound while you playing music in it.

Now if I talk about its music play time so it gives you upto 4 hours music play time once fully charged and 3 plus more charges available in the carry case. so it is the best earbuds for Travelers, Music lovers, Runners, and gym lovers. And the best thing is, it is non droppable and easily fit in your ear. This is also supports fast charging with type-c charger.

This crossbeat urban also comes with IPX6 water resistant technology, this means that if accidentally falls in water or remains in the rain, don’t worry about it.

Now if I talk about its warranty so this product comes with one year brand warranty. so if something happens with it within year then you can easily replace it.

> The sound quality is great and comes with bass effects.
> Water resistant.
> Charging case comes with light indicator
> Does not come with display charging indicator.

JBL Endurance Jump Waterproof Wireless Sport

Technical Details | Buy From Amazon
> Bluetooth V5.0
> Water Proof
> Touch Sensor Button to control Music
> JBLTure Bass Sound
> Music Play Time Upto 8 Hours
> Perfect For Rugging, Jogging, Working, Gym & Travelling

These JBL endurance jump earphones have a simple plastic bill design with an air hook out of the back that helps in grabbing the year not letting their earbuds fall. It supports USB micro charging which is indicated by a single light.

There is a power button on the headset which is a magnetic switch that connects to you apart of the year acting as a power controller. The water-resistance and sweat-resistant make it fun for the user to wear.

The performance of the JBL endurance jump is very good also it comes within the ergonomic design and touches controls to make your headset feel premium while wearing it.

The bases are boosted and it usually auto-connects with your other JBL products to make the experience more pleasing for its users. With the mid-range price and good performance, also the secure fit and touch controls make it a nice earbud to select for daily usage. If you only buy branded products this is the best pick for you.

> JBL signature sound with wireless Bluetooth streaming.
> Touch control provided for smooth audio calls and listening to music.
> Up to eight hours of playtime.
> Very comfortable and safe to wear.
> It has an IPX7 waterproof certification.
> A good bass for hearing.
> The colors are not so good.
> It has a more heavy design.

Buying Guide For Wireless Earbuds

I am including the small buying guide for wireless earbuds so that you can understand what to consider before the right pair of earbuds for yourself or others.

Wireless earbuds are great for you if you finding something stylish and lightweight headphones. These are the best for while you are traveling, jogging, running, and gym. These are very easy to carry and always ready to use.

Consider the following basic point when making a choice

Noise Cancellation:- The Noise Cancellation feature reduces external noise and provides a comfortable and restful listening experience.
Volume Contol/Play Control:- In wireless Earbuds, there should be mounted buttons both sides on the earcups for better control.
Battery:- Wireless Earbuds should have great battery life, and it should be comes with a case battery that should charge the earbuds up to 3 to 4 times.
Build quality or durability:-It should be made up of strong materials that are lightweight. It should be resistant to moisture and dust.
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